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The Mayor's Corner - December 11, 2019

The City of Claude held their monthly meeting on December 10, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. in City Hall. Those present were Mayor Bill Wood, City Administrator Howard Heath, Council Members Twila Baldwin, Jim Cabbell, Jay Morris, Dan Parks and Joe Minkley. Others attending were City Secretary Davina McKee, Superintendent Wade Miller, and guests Lori Baggett, Shay Hand, Dwayne Holt, Belinda Perez, Harvey Perez, and Tessa Waddell.

Invocation was given by Joe Minkley. There was no public comment made. Minutes from meetings on November 12th and 20th were approved. After a review of bills, a motion was made by Twila Baldwin and seconded by Jay Morris to pay due bills and the due bills were approved. Twila Baldwin reported on the “Welcome Sign” and it was noted that the pad had been poured and rock work was to be stated. Joe Minkley updated the council on the activities of the EDC and the Park project. Wade Miller gave updates on city water projects and equipment issues. Howard Heath gave a report on the EMS service as well as other city administrative issues.

There was no old business to attend to or act upon. Under new business, the council agreed to have the City Auditor come down and work with the city to clean up old issues and address previous problems. The council reviewed the proposed holiday calendar for 2019 and it was approved as presented. Howard Heath provided a letter regarding the new officers and new members to the Claude Volunteer Fire Department and to the Claude Emergency Services 501(c)(3) board. The council approved Ryan Fletcher, Macy Lawler, and Shay Hand to join the department based on the recommendation from the Fire Department. They also approved the vote that was conducted at the Claude Volunteer Fire Department meeting naming Dwayne Holt as Fire Chief, Paul Kodack as Assistant Fire Chief, and Jay Morris and Harvey Perez as Captains. Board members approved were Bobby Grant, Harvey Perez, Nathan McKee, Andrew Holt, Fred Irby, and Craig Thomas Dan Parks will serve as the city council liaison to this board.

In other business, trash rates and structures for commercial rates for trash service were adopted and a letter will be going out to commercial customers. The council evaluated the operation of the chipper site and after discussion, a motion was made by Joe Minkley and seconded by Jim Cabbell to close the chipper site except in emergency situations where it may be needed.

An updated city policy and procedures manual was presented for review and discussion. Twila Baldwin made a motion to approve the manual as presented and the motion was seconded by Jay Morris and was adopted.

A discussion was had regarding using Hotel Tax monies to help out with billboards on the west side of town and it was decided to table this action until the regular January meeting after the EDC has met prior to making any decisions.

As we come to a close of 2018, we can look back and see a very positive year for the city. We see growth throughout the community and very positive things coming in the future. From all of us at the City, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Bill Wood

Mayor, City of Claude

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