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Exciting Changes in the City of Claude

If you look around our amazing small town, you will see many exciting changes happening in Claude, TX. From the revitalization of our square and other businesses in town, the amazing work being done by the Claude Chamber of Commerce and the Claude Economic Development Council, City projects that include partnering with interested parties to clean-up lots, and many, many more.

There are lots of time, effort, and energy being put in by a multitude of people and it shows that when a community bands together that amazing things can and do happen even in small-town USA.

A couple of exciting changes that I want to share with everyone is that there is now a combined City of Claude, Chamber of Commerce, and Claude EDC website. The web address for this new site is This is a fluid website and still undergoing daily updates and changes and the desire is to have it be an “everything Claude and Armstrong County” website. This will be an important tool moving forward and a common place for not just local residents to get information, but also to provide a place where people traveling, passing through, or who just happen to stumble up on Claude, Texas to find out what we are all about.

Another exciting change is now that utility customers with the City of Claude will have the ability moving forward to receive their bills via email and will also be able to pay those utility bills online, saving you time, money, and trips to City Hall. If you are interested in this new service, please stop by City Hall and we can walk you through the set up process and provide you information on how the system works! If you can’t stop by, give us a call at 806-226-3261 and we will be happy to help that way as well. All of these new options are available on the new website, under the City of Claude section on the website.

So take a look around at the great things that are happening in our town, and thank all of those who have made these changes possible and thank yourself, our citizens, for continuing to support the many great things that make Claude great.

Howard Heath

City of Claude City Administrator

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